Symund is the head of the ascetic faction in Alserax and one of the most fanatical worshipers of Rattal


Symund is one of the Vampire Lords of Alserax, and an influential one at that. He is the founder and overlord of the Ascetics, a group of human and undead monks devoted to Rattal. He regularly engages in meditation, self-flagellation, and blood starvation in an attempt to reach the true enlightenment of the Allseer. His devotion to his god is absolute and unwavering.

However, Symund is no blind fanatic. He plays politics with great skill, and knows when to press his advantage and when to retreat. Being a follower of Rattal he reads ancient lore whenever possible, and knows much about history. He can spot lies better than almost any other vampire lord, and understands the importance of economics and warfare, although he is not very skilled at either.

Physically he is probably one of the most dangerous Vampire Lords, as while most of them live unlives of decadence and indulgence, he trains rigorously daily. He is in peak physical condition, and has much more than vampire strength to rely on in a fight.


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